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Dave and Patrice Adams at Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Who is Off-Grid-By-Design?

Off Grid By Design, LLC is a family-owned business based out of beautiful Bonners Ferry, Idaho since 2017. We don’t just do business here. We love where we live and are involved in our community – David is a volunteer firefighter and EMT with Mount Hall Fire Department and Patrice would spend everyday camping, exploring, and fishing our lakes if possible. As a business, we… Read More »Who is Off-Grid-By-Design?

Typical Building site in North Idaho

Basic Considerations in designing an off-grid system

Very Basic Considerations: What type of a system are you going to have? Will you be going completely off-grid or are you more interested in the convenience of being on grid but wanting just some of your home powered with an off-grid system in case of a grid-down scenario? This is your first consideration. After you decide that – do you know what voltage system… Read More »Basic Considerations in designing an off-grid system

Battery bank for off-grid living

How many batteries do I need?

First – what voltage system do you have? Let’s do the basic 24 volt or 48 volt system and standard off-grid lead-acid batteries at 6 volts to get started. For a 24 volt system, you will need FOUR 6-volt batteries (4×6=24). To increase your power, you will need to increase your 6 volt batteries by FOUR each time so that they will be a multiple… Read More »How many batteries do I need?